A wonderful day making flowers with members of the Creative Arts Club.

Today was our monthly visit with the Creative Arts Club, made up of residents of the Memory Care unit at Friendship Village.  Our little team (only three of 3 of us) set to work showing folks how to make paper flowers, under Sylvia Mousseux’s expert direction.  It was a complicated project with gluing and lots of little pieces, but we ended with a bouquet of lovely flowers and a lot of smiles from members of the Club.

    Memory care is full of surprises — a conversation about pets can easily turn toward memories of life before, and time can collapse in these conversations.  There is humor and candor — as one woman explained “The food is pretty decent here, that’s why we all look pretty good.”  And they do, with one resident aged 99 who was dexterous enough to wrap floral tape on a wire, something I struggled to do.

    Why am I telling you this?  Because we need to recruit another artist or two for our monthly one-hour visits.  These visits are for me, a fun and meditative moment of connection.  I treasure them, and you might too.