Kim Moore

I only discovered wheel throwing pottery in 2015, and it has become a passion for me. Forming clay into the image in your mind connects your minds eye directly to your hands, and it is thrilling when it works out! Ceramics is a natural, ancient practice and I love the feeling of working with a natural substance to create pieces. Glazing is a whole different kind of fun. Mixing colors, temperatures, and properties of the glazes is entertaining, frustrating, and humbling. I like the functionality of ceramics, not only am I creating something pleasant to look at, but hold, touch, and use as well.


Kim was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and has always had an interest in art. In grade school she was in charge of decorating the bulletin boards in the school cafeteria and worked as a photographer for sponsored amateur skateboarders while attending community college.  She is winding down a career of almost 30 years in the veterinary and animal welfare field and transitioning to ceramics. She is currently taking classes at Mesa Arts Center and Mesa Community College in hopes of working as a ceramics technician or teacher.

She was chosen to be part of the Spring Student Art Show at MCC in 2023 and is a runner-up scholarship winner for the Tempe Arts Guild and new member.  Kim has two amazing, creative adult children and a supportive and patient husband who have encouraged her to pursue her dreams.  Traveling and being outdoors have been constants in her life and she uses these experiences to inspire her pieces.

mediums: ceramics, fiber arts