Debborah Charboneau



Debborah has always had a love for drawing and painting and a fascination with color. It is color and light that ignites her desire to capture a scene with oil paint or her newest passion, pastels.

She grew up in Montana spending much of her time hiking and backpacking in the mountains or bicycling through the countryside, often with a sketch pad or small watercolor set. Debborah studied Interior Design hoping it would be a way to earn a living while still giving voice to her creative nature. After a few years in the design field her life took a few other turns, including a move to Phoenix, AZ, getting married, taking art classes at Mesa Community College, having a child and starting a mural painting business. Now she has come back to the easel where she really always wanted to be.

The artists that have been most influential to her are Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir. Her love of impressionist landscape painting is evident in her work. She wants to “not just copy a scene, but express the emotion or feeling that is evoked in me by the colors or light in the scene and hopefully show the Master Designer’s glory in His creation.”

Debborah continues to learn from books, videos and artists online. Debborah lives in Phoenix with her husband and son. She is a member of the Tempe Artists Guild and an informal group of artists in Ahwatukee, exhibiting her paintings in shows hosted by these groups and other juried shows.

medium:  oil paint, pastels