General TAG Meeting April 20, 2023

TAG’s April 20 meeting occurred in-person at the Friendship Village Recreation Center.   Following logistical announcements about the upcoming exhibit at the OneOhOne Gallery,  guest speaker Lee Davis presented an impactful presentation about solving problems as an artist following the creative process.  Following the slides, Lee applied the concepts he described to artworks TAG members brought to the gathering for a personal critique.
new sign

TAG’s new sidewalk sign for the OneOhOne Gallery

Lee is a professional artist here in Phoenix.  His work can be seen at the 9 Gallery among other places (  He likes to interpret the natural world humorously, exploring our interactions with nature.  His topic tonight:  problem solving art.

lees art


Samples of Lee’s art

To solve problems with the creation of your art, Lee offered the following axioms (no rules – as he stated there are no rules in art).  His 3×3 grid offers a structure for a repeatable method to create art and avoid common pitfalls during creation.  These are guidelines, not rules as not all apply with every creation per artist decision.  It is a way to work through a method:  some will be quick, intuitive decisions.  Can help problem solve your art, find which part is falling apart, find what is missing.  Helps you be deliberate in your decisions.  He often does small studies first to decide what is working, then goes larger.

sit2  grid alone  just landscape  grid  value

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