Becky Spradling



Becky Spradling grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. At 18, she moved to Arizona to begin college and to explore the grandeur of the Southwest. Originally an art major, Becky worked in the mental health field for most of her life. After completing her Master’s Degree, she opened a private counseling practice in Gilbert, Arizona. Creating art has always been important to Becky. Her mother often remarked that “the girl was born with crayons in her hands.”

A dedicated student in countless workshops, trainings and art classes, Becky confides that it’s the practice of painting regularly that has consistently been her best teacher. Despite the pressures of career and family, Becky always carefully nurtured her innate creativity and passion for art. Not surprisingly, art is now her full-time occupation. Currently, Becky paints in oils and mixed media/oils. Her love of nature is expressed in both her figurative and botanical works. She enjoys creating distinctive moods in her paintings; and revels in artistic license by freely adding images, changing colors and cultivating abstract elements.

Becky’s fascination with people, honed by years of counseling, is readily evident in her work. She admits to being inspired by people in those moments when they are their most genuine: “It has been a privilege to know so many people in such an intimate and real way through my counseling practice; it has inspired me to express that human connection in paint.”

medium: oil paint and mixed media