The Creative Arts Club decorated matts to frame photos of residents of the memory-care facility -- it was a huge hit.

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Happy Artists

The March meeting of the Creative Arts Club was busy, fun, and touching.  Our project began a month earlier, when Club member Sylvia Mousseux took photos of each of the residents.  She recorded smiles – she captured beautiful photos of each resident.  The following month’s project was to decorate white matts designed to frame each member’s photo.  Laurel Hardin came up with the idea for this project.  She worked diligently to make it happen, asking Sylvia to take the photos.  Laurel then had the photos enlarged, printed, and laminated in preparation for our March meeting.  Laurel also bought matts designed to frame art.  She and Anese Spearman produced some samples.  Laurel asked her Creative Arts Club colleagues to bring paint, brushes, and other materials.

In March, we worked with paint, glue, pens, and bling to dress up the plain matts.  It was a busy, fun exercise in art making.  By the end of the hour, residents had produced beautifully decorated matts for their photos.  But at that point they had not seen the laminated photos that Laurel had prepared.

Club members then passed out the photos and taped them to the back of the matts, one for each resident holding his or her decorated matt. Once the photos were in their hands,there was a precious moment of recognition.  The residents had connected themselves within the art project that they had just completed.  I still feel that moment of connection of art and personality, and it makes me very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Creative Arts Club.

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Creative frame for photo portrait

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Yellow is her favorite color

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