Kristin Dragos

Artist Statement

I’ve been creative all my life. When I found painting, I loved the relaxing effect watching the piece come together as the paint mixes, flows, and pours on a surface. Painting has become my way of coping with my anxiety and depression. When I’m painting, the world melts away and I can focus on the meditative rhythm of brush strokes or the soothing flow of the color as it makes its way across the surface. Like other digital artists, I use digital tools like Procreate and an iPad to create my work. Unlike others, I use bold, vibrant colors to create bold works of art to bring energy into any space. In addition, I enjoy exploring the idea of traditional painting subjects and techniques with more non-traditional and modern ideas. For example, a bowl of fruit in a traditional still life might have an unexpected element – maybe a cell phone. While creating my work allows me to calm my anxious mind, sharing it with others allows me to create colorful, meaningful connections with others.


Kristin Dragos has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis on education. Before concentrating on her art career, she held previous jobs as a hairstylist, teacher, and software engineer. At the height of the 2020 pandemic, Kristin joined Yaymaker to provide virtual painting events for those looking for a creative, online outlet. She led 100+ virtual events before deciding to start producing her own virtual events. In 2021, Kristin formed Paintpourium to promote and sell her artwork online and in person. She’s shown her work at art festivals in the Phoenix metro area including the Phoenix Festival of the Arts, Tempe Festival of the Arts and the Gilbert Art Walk.

mediums: Acrylic, Digital

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