Beads as art - the Creative Arts Club makes art in a new way.

The Creative Arts Club had a nervous month in August — Covid came back to the facility, and our resident artists were stuck in lock down.  Two cases of Covid had crept into the residence, and one had to be careful with so many elderly residents in close quarters.  But the Covid emergency passed and today we undertook a really challenging project — incorporating beads into a frame to make an artistic statement.  This project required glue, patience, and some manual dexterity.  We all worked for the full hour getting pieces into place.  Those little beads, even on a strong, were reluctant to cooperate.  Fortunately, we had a good crew on hand, and our team leader today, Sylvia Mousseux, came well prepared with beads, bling, frames, glue and some pre-formatted designs. Everyone set to work, as you can see from the photos here.  The results were quite spectacular!