Showing and selling our art at the Liberty Wildlife rehab and education facility was a real treat.

The Tempe Artists Guild (TAG) set up shop on a beautiful Saturday (March 2) at Liberty Wildlife’s first annual river walk and art festival. Liberty organized “El Rio Vivo” to celebrate the restoration of the RioSalado and to raise funds.  This celebration brought together nature, art, music, and great food, all in one day.

As we arrived, it was immediately apparent that the event was a hit!  There were displays of colorful wildlife and southwestern art, live local musicians kept music in the air.  Everyone seemed delighted to be there – young and old together in celebration of wildlife and nature.  Cars were parked far along Elwood Ave outside.

Inside, in a convenient corner location, TAG exhibited beautiful work, including member art on tiles, magnets, and cards.  There were framed canvases and wood prints.  Everything celebrated the themes of wild birds, wild animals, and nature. TAG members Doralee Ewing. Gabrielle Thielmann, Ann Clarke, Jeanette Lee, and Debbie Ericksen represented our art guild beautifully. The crowd kept them busy.

The real stars of the El Rio Vivo celebration were, of course, the birds and other animals who reside at Liberty Wildlife. Hawks, owls, eagles, kestrels, osprey tortoises, snakes, scorpions, Gila monsters, squirrels and other animals were on display.  Some were out of their cages and settled on the arms of knowledgeable volunteers.    Crowds strolled along the habitats that also had information about the animals.  This was a day for learning about survival and preservation of injured or endangered avian inhabitants. A morning nature walk along the banks of the Rio Salado was a treat for the early bird guests. TAG was privileged to take part in this wonderful celebration, and to donate half of the proceeds for the day to Liberty.  Below are a few photos of our set up and one of Ann Clarke’s lovely magnet-based art.

Ann Clarke tending the Tempe Artists Guild exhibition/sale table

Ann’s beautiful art on magnets. These were a big hit at El Rio Vivo, Liberty Wildlife’s March 2 celebration.

Gabrielle, Ann, and Jeanette on duty at the El Rio Vivo celebration