Tempe Artists Guild received a special award from the City of Tempe for Artistic Engagement in the local community. Mayor Corey Woods and members of the city council gave the award to a small group of TAG members who were present at the April 6 (2024) ceremony.

As part of this wonderful event, Tempe Arts and Culture Commission and the City of Tempe awarded Tempe Artists Guild the 2024 Tempe Arts and Culture Award for Artistic Engagement. The award was presented to TAG by the enthusiastic mayor of Tempe, Corey Woods, along with members from the Tempe Arts and Culture Commission and several members of the Tempe City Council.
“TAG embodies the spirit of creative enrichment and community engagement.” – Tempe Mayor Corey Woods 
posing by TAG sign

TAG’s award poster brings smiles

TAG members present for the ceremony were guild president Dr. Marie Provine, Sue Norton Scott, Doralee Ewing, Laurel Hardin, Janet Amiri and Anshu Priya. Other members, we know, were cheering TAG virtually from home. And what a beautiful award, framed in original artwork etched into the wide wood frame. We will showcase this award with pride at our upcoming events.
This award was especially meaningful for three main reasons:
  • Artistic engagement with the community is one of TAG’s main objectives. Our community outreach programs are some of the most popular activities we undertake.
  • It was a unique opportunity to mingle with other Tempe achievers and contributors, and to introduce TAG to those that were perhaps not familiar with what we do.
  • It was a chance to meet with and say “Thank You!” to Tempe officials who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it possible for TAG and other organizations like ours to flourish.
This award inspires TAG to continue its efforts to touch people with art in positive and
innovative ways. We are honored and humbled.
The following excerpt from our award letter suggests the Commission’s take on our work:
TAG is a 2024 Tempe Arts & Culture Award recipient for ARTISTIC ENGAGEMENT!
Their work provides inspiration for others to create and advocate for arts and culture – from small and resolute measures to large impactful projects – to build the character of our community. Individuals, groups, and businesses receiving these awards reflect a passion and commitment to fostering a creative and culturally rich life in Tempe. Your dedication and commitment to our community make Tempe a better place to live, work, play, and learn.  We recognize that TAG’s efforts have made a significant impact on arts and/or culture within the City of Tempe.
To learn more about Tempe Arts and Culture awards, visit Tempe Arts and Culture Awards