Gary Vulcano combines an extraordinary creative impulse in sculpture with a newly developed expertise in digital art.

Sculpture is a growing form of artistic expression at the Tempe Artists Guild.  TAG is a vibrant community of artists who enjoy improving their skills, meeting fellow artists, and sharing their enthusiasm for art. TAG artists regularly win awards and recognition for their art. We want to share some of those moments with you.

Our special guest this month is Gary Vulcano, whose work has appeared in many exhibits.  His moving sculpture on a war-based theme, entitled “Hero,” was selected for the Hero Exhibit recently on display at the Herberger Theatre in Phoenix.  Click here to view it.  And recently, he is developing a new line of endeavor: digital art.  A beautiful example is included here.  You can see more of Gary Vulcano’s award-winning art at his Tempe Artists Guild page or at his own website, featuring his metal art: White Lava Creative.

Picture of artist Gary Vulcano

Gary Vulcano

sculpture by Gary

Gary’s background includes a long career in advertising and creating campaigns for different industries.  This background has served him well as he transitions to compelling metal sculpture and other forms of art: As a visual communicator, I straddle the two worlds of advertising and fine art in my metal sculptures and digital creations.  His work is guided by the mantra: “I don’t think outside of the box; I think of what I can do with the box.”

Gary shared these thoughtful comments about his inspiration for art-making in everyday life, which he couples with a sense of drama and desire to connect with viewers:

My inspiration is drawn from anything visual, be it a movie, television show, or photograph. My artwork plays on the colorful aesthetic of contemporary icons and subjects that resonate in popular society. However, elevating that aesthetic to evoke an emotional response is my real passion. I like to dazzle audiences with a sense of fun and quirkiness or with a dramatic, thought-provoking statement that is inherently found in my artwork, and to surprise them with unexpected dialogue. My artworks pack an emotional “punch”, and I truly enjoy seeing the effect my works have on a viewer. Their reactions usually involve a smile or even a laugh! By creating art that interacts with the viewer and that people relate to, my art becomes accessible to everyone, which I find very fulfilling.  There is no existing blueprint or template for what I create or how it is created, and that is exciting to me. A combination of creative spontaneity and technical skill is integral to every artwork, and I enjoy the challenges presented by each of those aspects. I continually  find myself sketching to add to my visual library. I work spontaneously on the cutting and fabricating of my metal sculptures, then add the finishing touches by hand. The multiplicity of skills and steps involved reignites my passion to create, and I have this insatiable inner drive to move as many pieces as possible from the drawing board to completion.  I love seeing how each piece turns out, and I enjoy that ride!painting by Gary

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