Debbie has had an artistic double header: artistic success and a new art studio

Debbie Ericksen is taking her art work seriously.  She offered a beautiful painting, “Saguaro Nest,” to the Herberger Theatre for an upcoming exhibit there.  The title of the exhibit, appropriately is: “Saguaro.” The exhibit will run from Aug 12- Oct 1 in the main gallery. There will be a reception on Sat. August 12 from 2-4.

Debbie’s Woodpeckers

In Debbie’s words: “This piece was done with mixed media, including cold wax and oil layered on top of an old map sealed to an 8×10 canvas panel.  The painting was inspired by my love of nature, woodpeckers and abstract art. I enjoyed combining the natural world of birds nesting with some loose techniques using a palette knife, oil and cold wax.  The kind of mixed media techniques I used in this painting are exciting to me because the results aren’t always planned and can be more spontaneous.”

More generally, Debbie observes “I am drawn to making art for the freedom of expression and the challenge of translating a personal vision into something beautiful and captivating. I like to stay open to all media, including pastel, acrylic, oil and watercolor.  Most of my themes involve animals and nature. I enjoy capturing details of an animal that bring out its character or personality, sometimes humorous and sometimes serious. My own pets are often models for my studies. Living at the base of South Mountain gives me easy access to wild life such as quail, lizards and javelina, as well as desert landscapes.  My hope is that viewers feel transported into the innocent, wild, and free world of an animal or nature scene.”

Debbie’s new studio at the OneOhOne

Debbie’s most recent business venture is an art studio at the OneOhOne Gallery, 101 W. Main St., in Mesa.  It’s a beautiful space that Debbie has graced with many lovely art works.  The gallery is an inspiring place to be.  Every month there is a rotation to a new group of paintings.  Other artists also provide inspiration.  There are 9 or 10 other studios around the edges of the gallery.  All of the artists are there on Saturdays for most of the day.  Fridays are another favorite time for the artists to connect with visitors.  The second Friday of each month, Mesa celebrates its nightlife.  Restaurants stay open late, and lots of visitors roam Main Street for music and entertainment.  The OneOhOne Gallery is a particularly popular venue for visitors on second Fridays.  This neighborhood attracts visitors because it has a nostalgic feel — there are many historic building on Main Street and some iconic stores and restaurants.  It’s the perfect place for an art gallery.

Debbie’s art can be seen on my instagram @debbieericksen or my Studio at The OneOheOne Gallery, 101 W. Main St., Mesa, Suite #2.