K. Q. Parks

artist statement:

I was that kid that played in the mud, brought home stray animals and played outside till it was dark.  My parents gave me hammers, saws, paint, piano boxes; all kinds of things to keep me busy and creative.  It was a magical childhood and no doubt has influenced my artwork. The Rocking Q, which I use to sign work, was the brand used on my father’s ranch.

My paintings are contemporary, saturated with color, layered with multiple marks, tangled with movement and intricately textured. If you look closely, you can see organic and abstracted natural forms.  I love to convey the sense of flora and fauna without the details of conventional painting techniques.

Mother Nature provides so much in the way of healing powers and humor. Hopefully, my art gives you a second to connect with the world outside. I have collectors from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. The one thing they all have in common is that the work they purchased struck an emotional cord with them.  Maybe you too will leave with a smile, or better yet, take home a piece that makes you smile and lightens your living or working space!

medium:  acrylic paint