Ira DellaMonica

artist statement:

I live a creative life. I grew up with animals, and have a deep affection and connection with their energy, their wisdom and their ability to love unconditionally. Animals remind me of the unhurried freedom that they uniquely experience. From them I have learned to find this place within myself in my studio. Color is an important part of my work. I use it boldly yet sparingly to emphasize the subject of the work


Ira DellaMonica was born and raised in Southern California, graduated from Sonoma State University with an art degree, and received a graphic arts certificate from UCLA. Her deep connection with animals stemmed from childhood pets and 25 years of competitive horseback riding and training. They are a repetitive theme in her work. DellaMonica moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2017 and a series of life altering events and Covid 2020 rekindled her deepest desire to paint the animals and nature that bring her peace.