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Date/Time: Thursday, November 18,  7:00PM, MST

Open to participants in TAG’s Speaker Series

Speaker’s name:  Meg Harper

Speaker’s website: www.megharper.com

Meg’s joy-filled work strengthens the therapeutic feelings we receive when we truly connect with healing essence of nature and the animal kingdom. All her subjects are close-up and personal because that way you connect at a deeper healing level immediately.

She heightens the experience yet another notch by incorporating reused materials (instead of canvas) reminding us how our choices affect the planet while simultaneously creating a feel good choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Her collectors not only get to have conversations about the subject matter but also inspire others to make choices better for our planet. Many of her pieces are even outside appropriate revolutionizing the outdoor art category.

Title of presentation:  Kicking up the Color:  Animals in Acrylic

Description of presentation:  Meg will do a demonstration on how to use color to bring more life and joy into animal portraits.  She will talk about the science of color and about transforming materials to act as a support for your painting.




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