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$40 for those enrolled in TAG’s Speaker Series,  and $50 for those not enrolled in TAG’s Speaker Series.

Artist’s name: Ludmila Demich


Russian artist and iconographer living in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2005 and in the United States since 1987.  Currently, she is teaching Pastel, Realistic Portrait, Mixed Media and Collage, Graphite and Color Pencil Drawing, and Artist Books, at Mesa Arts Center and Shemer Art Center. Ludmila is the instructor for and Tradition Iconography (egg tempera and gold leaf, Old Masters techniques) at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church.

After receiving a formal education in fine arts and later in graphic design, she also became very interested in religious art, which was difficult to study openly or practice in the late 1970-1980s in the Soviet Union.

The scope of her interests has always been rich with diversity. The search for a deeper meaning of life and art encouraged travel to “architectural preserves” – former monasteries, trying to find and study all sources of information and techniques, all that wasn’t possible at the time.

Following her immigration to the United States, Ludmila began a gradual assimilation into a new culture and environment, while retaining her originality, especialy in art. Early on in her career, as a result of her strong sense of family values, she dedicated a great portion of time to raising and educating her son Phillip, while simultaneously aiding her family in establishing a food manufacturing business in Ohio. She contributed her talent as an artist in the form of creating the business logo, as well as devising the packaging design for various products, interior and exterior design for the company, and essentially the entire identity system of the enterprise.

Her deep interest in iconography, as well as her compassion for people, brought her to participate in Christian missionary work in 1994 in Poland and 2004 in Alaska.

Since 1996, she studied iconography from master iconographer Vladislav Andrejev, the founder of Prosopon School of Iconology in New York, and his son Demetri, as well as a various workshops in other countries, believing that the whole world can be your university!

Ludmila continues to study and perfect this ancient art by making educational trips to monasteries and museums in Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Poland, Czech Republic and Israel.

Her work can also be found in many private collections of individuals throughout various countries.

Her art pieces decorate and create a very unique and special focal point in individuals houses or businesses.

Title of presentation: Still Lifes in Pastel

Description of presentation: 

Workshop participants will be shown how to do a simple still life in soft pastels.  Artist Ludmila Demich will demonstrate how to start the composition and guide you though to the final details.  She will explain how to use the different kinds of pastels.  She will demonstrate a variety of strokes and how to blend soft pastels.  Ludmila will also discuss the various brands of materials that work best for future projects.

The Schedule

Talk & Demo, 10-11:30     Student Painting, 11:30-3      Critique Session, 3-4

Mediums: pastel, but concepts can be applied to all mediums

Artist’s Website: http://iconsdlarts.com/home


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