Guest Speaker – Clyde Thompson

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Date/Time: Thursday, June 17,  7:00PM, MST

Open to participants in TAG’s Speaker Series

Speaker’s name:  Clyde Thompson, Muralist

Speaker’s website:


Graffiti-artist Clyde began his journey into the arts in late 2012. His motives primarily influenced from his passion for architecture pushed him to create large works in the public eye. The questionable methods used to get his work out forced the artist to create his current pseudonym, “Clyde”.  Clyde predominantly creates his works in his hometown Tempe, Arizona where he also graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor in the arts for design studies. His work is characterized by a combination of realism and skewed patterns creating perplexity in the image and wonder in the tactics.

Title of presentation:  TBD

Description of presentation:  TBD


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