TAG had a very successful month (of May) at the OneOhOne Gallery in Mesa. Members could show up to 10 pieces of art, creating a lot of variety and fun.

Throughout May of 2024, members of Tempe Artists Guild exhibited their work at the fabulous OneOhOne Gallery in Mesa. Situated at a prime spot in downtown Mesa, the gallery gets a lot of traffic, has in-house studio artists (some of whom are also TAG members), and has a great space in the back that TAG has used for its day-long workshops. Over the last couple of years, we have thoroughly enjoyed forging an association with the OneOhOne in Mesa, one of our sister cities. It seemed fitting, therefore, that we would host our member show there this year.

TAG members were invited to bring in their pieces, and there were no restrictions on theme, size, or medium. In that sense, it was truly a flexible, freeing exhibition where artists could play up their individual styles and strengths. The exhibition committee had the uphill task of hanging over 160 pieces in the show in a cohesive manner. The end results were mind boggling.  There was an abundance of beautifully arranged original art, prints, and other small gifts available to peruse and to buy.

Opening Reception: The schedule for the show was especially curated to match the gallery hours, and to optimize the art schedule in Mesa. At our opening reception, we honored the Mesa Community College TAG scholarship winners. (This year, there were four honorable mentions as well). We were surprised at just how many people stopped by to enjoy the show. TAG arranged for a big spread of snacks and drinks – and those were much appreciated.

Second Friday Art Walk: Another big night was the evening of the Second Friday Art Walk, a popular event in Mesa. Art lovers stopped by in big numbers to enjoy TAG art.

Closing Reception:  The show ended with a bang. We made good sales and generated wide interest. TAG artists came together for the event and shared their thoughts on the show with one another. The evening concluded with art pick up.

TAG is grateful to all the members who exhibited their art, and especially to those members who helped organize the event and ensure its success. It takes a lot to put a show together and we are very proud of what we were able to achieve. Most importantly, we are humbled by the wonderful response from the art community at large. It inspires us to do better.