Portfolio Category: 2015

Nov 2015 – Sharon Abbott

Sharon Abbott November 2015 "Road Closed" 16” x 20 “ Acrylic Painting “I did not start out to paint a blizzard. Whatever it was I was painting was  going very wrong. In my frustration and anger, the curious little kid residing deep within me spoke up and said “I wonder what would happen if......” I took my…
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Oct 2015 – Pamela Thompson

Pamela Thompson October 2015 “Spider Chrysanthemums Dancing with Mexican Poppies”, 20”x24” Acrylic Painting “I wanted to capture the combination of glass and ceramic with the translucence of the red poppies and the white spider chrysanthemums. The exuberant spider mums appear to dance with the red poppies. I capture the translucence of the poppies by under-painting them in  white, and then layering glazes of quinacridone red, pink…
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Sep 2015 – Bob Kwait

Bob Kwait Septemeber 2015 “Three Men in a Boat”, 24”x48” Water Soluable Oil Painting “I had a photo that I thought would make a good painting in my files for about ten years, but I didn’t think I had the skills to tackle it at the time. Recently while searching for something else, I ran across it. I thought “what the heck”…
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