Featured Artists

  • Oct 2015 – Pamela Thompson

    Oct 2015 – Pamela Thompson

    Pamela Thompson October 2015 “Spider Chrysanthemums Dancing with Mexican Poppies”, 20”x24” Acrylic Painting “I wanted to capture the combination of glass and ceramic…

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  • Sep 2015 – Bob Kwait

    Sep 2015 – Bob Kwait

    Bob Kwait Septemeber 2015 “Three Men in a Boat”, 24”x48” Water Soluable Oil Painting “I had a photo that I thought…

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  • Aug 2015 – Teri Prokes

    Aug 2015 – Teri Prokes

    Teri Prokes August 2016 “Mister Jackson”, Sculpture " In my past life I was a professional horse trainer specializing in starting young horses…

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  • Jul 2015 – Ruth Blaut

    Jul 2015 – Ruth Blaut

    Ruth Blaut July 2015 “Colonial Mission”, 11”x14” Watercolor Painting “This was painted from my photo taken when some TAG members joined a…

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  • Jun 2015 – Becky Spradling

    Jun 2015 – Becky Spradling

    Becky Spradling June 2015 “Avery”, 16”x 22” Pastel “The light was so perfect in my bedroom that I brought flowers in…

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  • May 2015 – Gail Boyd

    May 2015 – Gail Boyd

    Gail Boyd May 2015 “Banyan Light”, 18”x24” Acrylic on Canvas “It was fun to paint from the first brush stroke. On a…

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  • Apr 2015 – Barbara Clark

    Apr 2015 – Barbara Clark

    Barbara Clark February 2015 “White Paint”, 12”x16” Acrylic Painting “The world is full of interesting things that everyone sees and no one…

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  • Mar 2015 – Karen Curran

    Mar 2015 – Karen Curran

    Karen Curran March 2015 “Reflections”, 20”x20”x1.5” Acrylic Painting “I love the challenge of trying to paint glass...the fine balance of  painting…

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  • Feb 2015 – Molly Cameron

    Feb 2015 – Molly Cameron

    Molly Cameron February 2015 “Desert Cactus Blossom” 18” x 24” Oil on Canvas “The desert in bloom inspires me to paint…

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  • Jan 2015 – Lisa Sargent

    Jan 2015 – Lisa Sargent

    Lisa Sargent White January 2015 “Desert Pinks” 24” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas, 2015 “This painting was inspired by photos from…

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