The Artist: Ruth Blaut

Ruth was introduced to the wonders of making art by watching her older sister draw when they were children. There were no art classes available in her school at that time, so Ruth sketched her classmates and found she had an aptitude for portraiture. When attending a class reunion many years later, several classmates told her they still had the sketches she made of them in high school.

Whenever Ruth had an opportunity in college she signed up for art classes. She got a masters degree in Elementary Education and during summers off from teaching she was happy to find the fine art classes offered at the Pyle Center in Tempe. She told her students that when she retired she wanted to spend her spare time traveling and making art. She has been fortunate enough to do both.

Ruth's favorite mediums are oils and watercolors. She excels in painting portraits but also enjoys painting still life and landscapes. She is very grateful to have the opportunity and ability to pursue such a fun and interesting hobby.

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