The Artist: Lisa Sargent White

Lisa was raised in a military family and spent her formative years in Italy, Arizona, Massachusetts, California and South Dakota. She developed an interest in art at a young age, winning her first art contest in 2nd grade, taking up oil painting at the age of 11 and going on to study fine art for two years at the university level.

As an adult, Lisa spent two decades working in marketing and graphic design; spending her free time exploring the deserts and mountains of the southwest. In 2011, she came full circle creatively and started painting again, exploring landscape themes and figures in both oils and acrylics.

Lisa is inspired by the impressionists and seeks inspiration from working outdoors in the desert and mountains of the southwest. She continues to explore the effect of light on color and seeks to create art that is both bold and colorful. As an artist, she enjoys working both plein air and in the studio.

Path to Home Feature

"Path to Home", Oil, 20" w x 16" h


"Agave& Prickly Babies", Acrylic, 14" w x 11" h

cactus floral1_web

"Cactus Floral I", Oil, 9" w x 12" h

Desert Pinks_web

"Desert Pinks", Acrylic, 24" w x 30" h


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